Sunday, May 19, 2013

Youtube Surrealism: The Dying NASA Scientist Videos.

The youtube account nasajim108 uploads videos which purport to be the testimony of a dying NASA scientist.  I came across these videos before, and thought they were fairly typical of a certain type of 90s conspiracism - the coagulation of UFOs and right-wing New World Order paranoia that fueled William Cooper's militia manifesto Behold a Pale Horse, and the succession of dubious whistle-blowers that provided grist for the Coast to Coast mill during the height of the Mulder millennium spring to mind.  Some of the dying NASA scientist videos are so bizarre, however, that you might almost suspect some kind of surrealist art prank at work: 

If you thought that was a little weird, try to wrap your head around this one:

The videos seem to contain a odd stew of lurid tabloid conspiracism and esoteric and occult symbols and concepts.  References to a Jacob and Lorber law firm would seem to point in the direction of the Christian mystic and seer Jacob Lorber (whom I came across before, if memory serves, in some relation to the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen's peculiar assertion that he was "educated at Sirius").

Anyway, whether these guys are true believing conspiranoids or surrealist pranksters, or some mixture of the two, I can only tip my hat to producers of material as inexplicable as the following: 

Thanks, Christopher Knowles!

UPDATE: The Truth has been found, in the immortal words of Grace Slick, to be lies; it appears the Dying NASA scientist is the brainchild of comedian Duncan Trussell.   My compliments.

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