Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sold On the Title.

I haven't watched this (yet), but I'm posting it based on the title alone:

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Michael Garrett said...

Rabbit..., I always thought it was a killer robot, not a killer rabbit. Still a frightening episode and I mean the entire Carter Presidency, not the rabbit infested fishing trip.

In the United States we like to pick the person we feel is least likely to make a good leader and then watch them prove us correct over the next four and sometimes eight years. We often give them four more after the first four if they prove themselves to be particularly bad at the job. This keeps the stand up comedians in the country, accounting for about half our employed work force, supplied with plenty of raw material with which to advance their careers.

Earlier in my life I thought this process had reached its zenith with the election of one Richard Nixon. Little did I know at the time, we were just getting warmed up.