Thursday, September 10, 2009

The questions, Mr. President, the questions....

In what is either this century's grandest act of celebrity folly, or its most unique act of political activism, reformed actor Charlie Sheen has made a direct demand to President Obama to re-open the 9 11 investigations. This strangely orchestrated media event began about a week ago, when Texan firebrand Alex Jones promised that his biggest ever news story was going to break during the 9 11 anniversary. On september 8, Jones' website prison planet published a fictionalised, hypothetical 20 minute interview between Sheen and the President. Controversially, perhaps ingeniously, the interview was online for a few hours without any disclaimer, or indication of any kind that it was entirely fictitious. Two things are noteworhty here. First of all, this is the first on record that the "fanfic" form has been used in the pursuit of a political cause. Secondly, there is a kind of fighting fire with fire logic at work here - Jones and Sheen are attempting to expose a false flag terror means of a false flag interview.

Jones came under severe fire from the alternative community for the stunt, with many posters on Above Top Secret and Coast to Coast host Georgre Noory decrying the manovere. Undeterred, Jones rather feebly cited technical difficulties for the lack of a disclaimer, and boldly declared that he and Sheen were carrying out a "psyop on the New World Order." That psyop was intensified in the past few hours, with the following video address to the President:

I cannot help but admire the peculiar madness in the way this stunt has perpetuated thus far - and Jones claims that it is only the opening salvo in a chain of events. Whether it blows up in their faces, or initiates a new era of false flag journalism and viral activism remains to be seen.

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