Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some John Michell Covers.

The late John Michell is a man after our own heart: Old Etonian; keen smoker of pot (which he labeled "the philosopher's friend"); said to possess a lifelong disinclination to rise from bed before the crack of 5pm; friend of the Rolling Stones and Black Power revolutionary Michael X during the sixties; expert in the mist-shrouded realms of sacred geometry, earth mysteries, and the elusive flight path of the UFO; sometimes called the "New Merlin"; founder of the Anti-Metrication Board, by which he fought the good, doomed fight on behalf of the foot and the inch. Michell was said to have had a palpable air of magic about him; in the shot below, he reminds me somewhat of Jon Pertwee's Doctor Who:

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