Monday, September 23, 2013


I'd be very curious to see this forgotten 1974 film-adaption of Herman Hesse's proto-psychedelic classic Steppenwolf.  The movie's producer Melvin Abner Fishman was an avid enthusiast of LSD, Jung, and alchemy, and hoped to produce the first "Jungian film".  Michelangelo Antonioni and John Frankenheimer were considered as directors (Antonioni passed because he felt, perhaps not unreasonably, that the novel was unfilmable), but the film eventually wound up as the sole directorial credit of script writer Fred Haines, no stranger to the unfilmable having scripted Strick's quite enjoyable 1967 stab at Ulysses.  The Polish director Wojciech Hass would have been my vote to adapt Steppenwolf.

366 Weird Movies article on the Steppenwolf movie here.

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