Friday, March 5, 2010

VALIS, SPECTRA, ECCO: Extreme High Strangeness in the Seventies.

First off the bat, while dabbling in high dosages of ketamine and sensory deprivation in the seventies, psychonaut John C. Lilly began to interface with two separate forms of alien intelligence. The first was a network of benevolent entities which Lilly labelled ECCO, or Earth Coincidence Control Office. The second was SSI, or Solid State Intelligence, a somewhat nefarious supercomputer which sought control over all biological life on earth. The details of this strangeness are broken down in this excellent article by Adam Gorightly. (Hat tip: Secret Sun.)
ECCO and SSI will inevitably remind some viewers of another portentous acronym that hovered over the weird, somewhat frayed mindscape of the seventies: Philip K. Dick's VALIS. Any consideration of VALIS leads us into what can only be described as a genuine nexus of high strangeness, involving the alleged psychic Uri Geller, his "personal scientist" Andrija Puharich, and the maverick physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti. More details here and here. I will attempt a fuller treatment of these strange matters soon.

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